Carly H.

This was one of the biggest decisions for me, whether to just book at the resort or to find an alternative vendor. I had 6 ladies plus my mother and my self. So it was all on me to make the decision for everyone, and I am so thankful I did. I did my research, read reviews and looked around, I contacted a few other artists other than Doranna. But it was the constant reassurance that she would be able to make my BIG DAY perfect. Crystal was awesome answering all my emails with no delay (ever). Any questions I had they were always on the ball. Doranna even emailed and contacted me a few times throughout the process to make sure I had no doubt. On the BIG DAY Doranna and her team came to the resort and made all my wishes and dreams come true. All of my ladies looked absolutely stunning as well as my mother and myself. I felt so beautiful that day, my makeup was exactly what I asked for and my hair was incredible. I will cherish those moments for all of my days. It was a truly amazing experience working with you and your team. Thank you again and let’s hope we can do it again in another 5 years. 😀 xoxxo Mrs. Carly H.

Thank you so much, Carly, for your wonderful words! You and your ladies were incredible to work with and made my birthday extra special too! Rarely do you find such a happy set of ladies on a day that is full of energy! Thank you for trusting me and my team and the best of wishes for your new life! Much love!