Lindsay Maria Craten

“Doranna Has Serious Skill!
I had an initial “consultation” hair style with Doranna a few months before my wedding, so I knew she had skill, but what she pulled off for my wedding day blew me away!
I gave Doranna my “hair inspiration,” which was a photo of a celebrity (Sarah Jessica Parker), whose hair probably took hours to perfect.
I bought a bunch of hair extensions, but she’s so good, she only used one small piece! Doranna pulled it off to perfection in less than half an hour. It was perfect, exactly what I wanted, and it lasted all night into the next day!!! Also, 3 of my bridesmaids had initially decided that they weren’t going to spend the money to get their hair done by Doranna, but once they saw her transform my hair and the other bridesmaids, they got their hair done too! Plus, she is such a joy to work with – wonderful, positive, and supportive attitude. We all had so much fun getting ready with her.
Thank you so much!”
Lindsay Maria Craten.