Marie Willis

“I am very picky when it comes to my hair. I honestly considered paying for my home-based hairstylist to fly down for the wedding. It was very important for me to feel comfortable about my wedding hairstyle so I wanted to meet her in person for a hair trial. I scheduled a trial w/her in May of 2009 (my first scouting visit).
I arrived 7 days before my wedding and met her at her apt. in Playa del Carmen. She showed me her private portfolio and I, again, shared my hair inspiration photos. Doranna curled my hair and did 3 updos in less than one hour.
On the day of the wedding I determined I did not want to wear my veil (the boutique included it in the price of my gown) as I decided it would only fly into my guests faces and distract them, and the hairstyle was more important anyway (I did not want my hairstyle choices to be limited by the veil).
Doranna used Italian hair products (Chi) to protect and add shine to my hair and to hold my hairstyle. She used a curling iron and created bountiful curls which were pinned and allowed to set. I then had my makeup applied by Lili.
Doranna then finished my hair by taking small sections of hair and masterfully twisting and turning each piece in the right place, creating texture and definition. Doranna is a genius. My finished style exceeded my expectations and imagination. Doranna‚Äôs craft is focused, professional and FAST!”
Marie Willis