Marina Rusanov

“Doranna did my hair for my destination wedding in Playa del Carmen and I have never felt as beautiful as I did that day. I didn’t even have to tell her exactly what I wanted and she gave it to me!
She was quick and very good on time, but so detailed and careful with each piece. My hair is thick as it is and not to mention I added extensions, so I know right away when a stylist knows how to work with my hair type.
She did an such an amazing job. She definitely made sure I was happy with the end result. She did my entire bridal party alone and each one was unique on its own. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants a professional hair artist with a ton of talent and a sweet personality.
I had asked her to stay longer hours to touch up my hair after the ceremony, and without hesitation, she stayed and waited so patiently. She will transform you! The best part was seeing my husband’s face as I walked down the aisle. He was blown away! Thank you, Doranna! You are a true artist. Your visions are incredible and your skills are so tastefully transported into your work.”
Marina Rusanov