Sara M.

Planning a wedding in Playa from the US is nerve-wracking! My hair and makeup caused me probably the highest form of anxiety overall. (well, that and how my dress fit) but it was REALLY hard to put my trust in someone for this special day.

I met Doranna the day before our ceremony date and we hit it off immediately!
She’s gorgeous, takes care of herself and always looks beautiful, how could she possibly not make ME look my best as well?!
All of my concerns immediately vanished as I knew I could put my trust in her hands.
And I was right. 🙂

On your wedding day, such a big part of the day is ‘getting ready’! I was really nervous because I had brought so many people down to this foreign country for a fantastic party and I wanted every detail to be PERFECT for my husband and our guests. My hair and makeup were SO important to me…

It was perfect! We had great music, some really close girlfriends, some Prosecco and Doranna & Cris making us look our best for the most important day of my life! It was so much fun, the room was full of laughter & smiles and it just felt perfect – comfortable & happy – like it was supposed to feel!

I was so happy, my hair and makeup were perfect! My step-daughter’s hair and makeup were perfect! My mom’s hair and makeup were perfect! I could not have dreamed of a better day, all of my wishes came true and now I feel like I’ve gained a girlfriend for life in Doranna!
How often does that happen? I promise you can put your faith and trust in Doranna – even from thousands of miles away! 🙂

Si quieres lucir perfecto el día de tu boda, contrata a Doranna!
!Gracias Doranna!
!Siempre estaré agradecido!

“Sara, attending your mom and daughters was a delight on your wedding day! Doing you bridal hair and makeup was wonderful and Playa del Carmen was the perfect setting for your destination wedding! The very best to you in your new life!”