Today we want to give you some tips to choose the perfect hairstyle!

Nowadays going online can make your life simple but also you might encounter way too much out there, so let’s take is slow and consider the following hints when choosing your perfect look!

The wedding dress goes first! The hairstyle will always goes after the dress there needs to be a balance and harmony between them. Choose your dress first and the hair goes with it. A general rule would be that if you have a very busy dress, with lots of bead work and detail, you will need to make your bridal hairdo take a backseat, and let the hair quietly compliment the focal point, which is you, and your dress.

If you are wearing a simple dress, you can dress the hair up a bit more, but if you don’t feel comfortable having a huge up do, you won’t feel comfortable on the day. Make your wedding hairstyle all about you, just the more glamorous you. Don’t change who you are, you will feel weird and it will show.

Accessories, when choosing a hairstyle you have to also match the Veil, crown, and flowers in your hair, any accessories you want to use during the ceremony, reception, etc.

Make sure you bring these items to your hair trial so we make sure your look its perfect from beginning to end! Keep it simple do not charge it too much, always think in balance between your dress, hair, & accessories keep it clean, getting married in México doesn’t mean that you have to look like a piñata J

Wedding Location You should think about how your hairstyle is going to work with your venue. The weather conditions of your wedding location will be an important factor, getting married at the beach for example you have to consider it might be hot & humid and you might want to have your hair up, the wind might be also strong when having your ceremony on a sandy beautiful beach! So think about this as well when choosing a style!

Secondly we and many other stylists have the option of a hair change after the ceremony! So there is no limits for your dream day, we can work on TWO hairstyles for you!

Texture & Length of your hair has a big impact when choosing a hairstyle, when you look around make sure you are looking for a long, medium or short size hairstyle accordingly. Keep I mind than when you have very fine hair even using hair extensions help, so try to find models that look like you! Also you can always send a picture of you to your stylist along with 2 or 3 options so she can tell you what is doable, take your time… well find the perfect one for you!

Book a Trial, it’s simple you may find a look that you love in a picture-model, but it will not look the same on you, it does not matter how much your stylist tries, if you hair is different you will end up with a different look…. Also once you have the hair and dress together it might change the perception of your perfect look.

So, do not run into surprises on your wedding day and book a trial, it will make you feel comfortable, and you will free to experiment with your hair, dress accessories and this will also help out to have a better click with your stylist!

Tropical regards from Sunny Playa del Carmen!

~Doranna de Bortoli

Professional Hairstylist in Riviera Maya, Mexico


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