We know that everything that surrounds a wedding represents many expenses and that we all do our best to take care of our economy, especially if you’ve been saving for your big day since your boyfriend proposed, but let’s see … within your list of the most important things, you cannot leave out hiring a good makeup and hairstylist … Why? Just because it’s you, it´s about you looking like a queen in one of the most important days of your life. Maybe you will think that if you do it yourself or someone of your friends or family, you could save a significant amount of money that you can invest in the food or decor; but please think for a moment … which is more important? That you look good or the tables?

And it is even more important to consider it when you get married on the beach, where the weather is too extreme and variant; what I can say is that is always hot and humid and you will have to use the right makeup for this not to drip with sweat and that in the middle of the reception, you look haggard and tired by the lack of it. Similarly, the hairstyle you choose will be a very important aspect for your comfort; since in climates with high humidity, you must use the necessary products to make your hair does not look “Afro”.

There are many kind of brides and therefore a variety of styles, there are some who like the “natural” style… and even choosing this, it is important to be performed by a professional; they will know what kind of makeup to wear and what colors are good for you according to your skin type and tone, what techniques to use to hide your defects, as well as the necessary amount to apply to make you look not disguise or exaggerated.

Another important point is that you ask them to make a hair and makeup trial before, to be 100% sure of what style you want and how you’ll look, and so not take surprises that make you upset or lose time the wedding day, if you don’t like how you look.

Now, knowing all this … the decision is in your hands. How you want to look on your wedding day?

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