Mexican Flowers for Your Dream Destination Wedding in the Riviera Maya

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Tropical Wedding Flower Baskets by Del Sol Photography

One of the first things, after the dress of course, that appears in a young girl’s mind when thinking of her wedding day is FLOWERS!  Flowers create the atmosphere of the fantasy of love no matter where your wedding will be.  When you have a destination wedding, you are at an advantage, if it’s a tropical paradise that is.  Tropical climates are the birthplace of the most exotic flowers that most brides spend an arm and a leg to have imported to their hometown wedding.  When you have a destination wedding, those beauties are right there for the picking, well almost.

Caitlin Guariglia and Michael Burns wedding at Le Reve Resort and Spa in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.
Coordinating bouquets tie together the wedding party. Photo Credit: Del Sol Photography

When you choose to say the big “I Do!” in the Mexican Caribbean, you might want to pick color to dominate.  Mexico has a tradition of bright colors from the color of their houses to the flowers that grow wild in their jungles.  Color can set the tone for your Big Day whether you want it understated and romantic or bold and dramatic.

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If you decide to get married in Playa del Carmen, the cost will be significantly lower since you won’t have to import them.  You can now splurge on those exotic orchids that now are growing in someone’s back yard.

Types of Tropical Flowers for Destination Weddings

Here is a list of flowers that you may consider when your wedding will be held in the Mayan Riviera:


These beauties grow wild in the high jungle canopy here in the Riviera Maya.  They have their own subtle but alluring fragrance.

Orchids photo credit: thewildpapaya.com


The Dahila has an interesting Mexican history.  According to Wikipedia: “The dahlia was declared the national flower of Mexico in 1963. The tubers were grown as a food crop by the Aztecs, but this use largely died out after the Spanish Conquest. Attempts to introduce the tubers as a food crop in Europe were unsuccessful.

Dahlias photo credit: dogoilpress.com


Once you smell this flower’s fragrance, you won’t need perfume.  Use Gardenias in your hairpiece and be sure to put your groom under your spell.

Gardenia photo credit: elcriso.it


Gardenia’s sweet smelling cousin, Jasmine, is a great flower to choose for your wedding decor.  Imagine the light goddess fragrance floating along the ocean breeze calming and inviting your guests to be a part of your whismical adventure.

Jasmine photo credit: fabiovisentin.com


Hibiscus lines the streets of Mexico in the gardens of neighborhoods.  These come in bright and light colors depending on if you want a dramatic or romantic look to your wedding.

Hibiscus phot credit: ndsu.edu

Bird of Paradise

These tropical flowers come alive to take flight at your ceremony.  Perfect for bouquets, centerpieces even mini ones for boutonnieres, these will as a spark of “wow” to your big event.

Bird of Paradise photo credit: gardeningknowhow.com

Lillies (including Cala Lillies)

A classic for weddings, often lillies are ordered from faraway for hometown weddings.  Now you can get them at a local price while marrying in your tropical destination such as Playa del Carmen or Akumal.

Lillies photo credit: fineartamerica.com

Calla Lillies are renown for their trumpet shape and create a soft, romantic feel to centerpieces and bouquets.

Calla Lillies photo credit: callalillyguide.com


These colorful buds explode with a variety of birghtness.  They are abundant along the streets of Mexico.  These work well as cake decorations too because they are edible!

Bougainvillea photo credit: poinsettiaindia.com


Carnations a a classic for hometown weddings but also add the allure to tropical weddings.  These can come in simple colors or multicolor flowers.

Carnations photo credit: buffalo-niagaragardening.com


A classic for Christmas now goes South to perk up your tropical destination wedding.  Whether you pick classic or strong colors these flowers add to the drama of the atmosphere.

Chrysanthemum photo credit: riverbendnurseries.com


Known, as the Southern Belle flower in North America, Magnolias smell heavenly and are unique in their own charm.

Flowers of Magnolias closeup in the spring garden
Magnolias photo credit: myclosetcatalogue.com


Always a classic that represents love and romance, the rose is always a classic choice that comes in lots of colors and is always a welcome original for any event.

Roses photo credit: gardenguides.com


Tulips are easily recognized by their time-honored shape and allure for the first signs of Spring.  But here in the Mexican Caribbean, they are available all year round.

Tulips photo credit: woodenshoe.com


How to Use Flowers on Your Big Day

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Flowers are used for so many things on your Big Day.  Even if you are getting married in a beautiful setting such as a beach in Tulum, you will want to accent with flowers.  The arch, the decorations, the chairs and of course the centerpieces will require your choice of a combination of flowers.

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Flowers not only add color to the day but emotion too! Photo Credit: Del Sol Photography
Caitlin Guariglia and Michael Burns wedding at Le Reve Resort and Spa in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.
Elegant Updo by Doranna with Tropical Flowers

And don’t forget the people.  You must decorate the people too!  Grooms will sport flowers in their boutonniers. Brides will want the bouquet of their dreams to stand out with the most beautiful and stunning of flowers.  And the bridesmaids may, along with their bride and maybe the mums, opt for flowers in their hairstyles.

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Tropical boutinneire photo credit: pinterest

Doranna also works with a wonderful floral crown designer to custom make wedding wreaths for the flower girls or the wedding party.

Beautiful mixed bouquet Photo Credit: Fine Art Studio

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(Check out the “Portfolio” section of https://dorannahairstylist.com/  to see how Doranna uses flowers in her hairstyles.)


Dorannas’s use of flowers for a romantic wreath look.


Check out more blogs and wedding ideas on Doranna’s site https://dorannahairstylist.com/

Waves Crashing!

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