2017 Wedding Trends Part 1: Seasonal Wedding Colors

This is the first part in a four part series on 2017 Wedding Trends.

Wedding Trends 2017: Colors

We are right on the precipice of 2017 and it is going to be a busy year for weddings!  This is why we have decided to do a series on what to expect for the upcoming trends.  The first in our series will be the colors for each season.  Before you can choose anything else, you need the date.  You can not choose invitations, dress, bridesmaids’ dresses, etc without knowing the season in which you will get married.  Choosing the wedding colors will set the tone for all of your other decisions, such as, flowers, bouquet, bridemaids’ dresses and accents to your bridal updo.  Choosing your colors is a first and important step.

Let’s begin.


Even though winter begins in 2016, it starts 2017 out on a classic entrance.  Winter has pulled into top place for the most popular season edging out Spring and Summer.  This season is all about muted and elegant colors.  Themes range from varying hues in the same color such as a mixture of greens like seafoam, olive, moss, etc or combining complementing colors such as gray, purple, and blue.  Cooler colors dominate this season and blend together like a monochrome veil but with an elegance that makes it a whimsical dream.  Silvers remind you of a cold, overcast day waiting for snow.  Blues and soft greens the blurred colors of nature under a sprinkling of snow.

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Spring is a time of new beginnings and is perfect for a wedding!  Spring colors are often muted pastels commemorating the gentle beginnings of life.  This year’s Spring colors gently blend together which will allow you to combine whatever combination you wish.

Spring color palettes for this year include aqua and cream; and pale lavender, pink and green.

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Summer is the time when everything gets more vibrant and intense.  But this year’s Summer colors are a bit more muted.  Colors that are popular for 2017 are combinations , such as French Blue, blush and gold; sage, blush and Rose; and a more vibrant selection would be coral, teal and peach.


 frech-blue-blush-and-gold-spring-summer-wedding-color-ideas-and-trends trending-sage-and-blush-spring-summer-wedding-color-ideas-2017 3_f8f6861c-0e1b-4bc8-bcf9-68f8b7eca103 c600x642 coral-teal-and-peach-wedding-color-combination-ideasl

FALL 2017

Fall is a time when the temperature drops and everything gets more “crispy”.  The colors for weddings do too!  Colors change from bright to deeper elegant classic colors.  Wedding colors for next fall pull towards oranges, wines and deeper greens such as pine greens.

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Whatever season you decide to get married in, we congratulate you!  Please consider a destination wedding in Cancun or the Riviera Maya.  I would love to attend you and your ladies to convert your big day into a whimsical one!

Look for our next blog in this series about picking your invitations for your 2017 wedding!

We want to thank The Know, Wedding Pins, and Tree Hut Co. for their images.

Doranna De Bortoli & Team

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